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Aged Mandolin Tuner

Monday, September 10th, 2007

StreamCustomPeg01.jpg Aged Kasutamaizupegu process is new on the picture below are real ones (1920's) is the Uebarimandorinpegu. Minus all the screws (slot head) may have changed. As I did it the old-fashioned aging. Aged processing the light, medium, heavy and has three stages, so there is no noticeable discomfort and shiny just like the mounting pegs so you can try to match the appearance of exchange mandolin.

StreamCustomPeg02.jpg Be processed on the Aged, 1920 Uebari the real ones down the ages. We are a little thick compared to the base plate, a little larger Pegubotan color and detail where we have differences with the vintage look is a blend instruments without feeling old.

StreamCustomPeg03.jpg Eijidopegu customized all the screw head slot (screw negative) change, and turning the post straight string. Is apparently archaic features are new. 16:1 Gatatsuki rarely play in the shaft can be tuned and accurate gear.

StreamCustomPeg07.jpg The new peg for the mandolin also not Aged processing course. Customize Sutoretosutoringuposuto only change the screw slot.

Some gold.


Gibson F5-L is attached to the state.

■ ■ installation notes during
5540_1spec.gif Goto original makers of the peg, slightly different from the position of the screw holes in the base plate when parked Scharrer. Or broken, because it can or the screw is mounted at an angle and force, mandolin end of the original screw hole, please screw holes to fit this new screw holes in the pegs and thin wood filler ( 2mm drill 10mm depth in place)

● If you install it yourself, please note the work of the above, you do not, please consult your confidence so that we can install it here.

F-Type New
F-Type Light Aged
A-Type New
A-Type Light Aged